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Corduroy utility overshirt

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  • Our overshirt is inspired by the US Army's UTILITY SHIRT HERRINGBONE dating from the 1950s and used in particular during the Korean War.

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  • Made in Morocco

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The overshirt, as its name suggests, is intended to be worn over a shirt, a t-shirt or even a sweater. It is halfway between a jacket and a shirt. Ours is made with a so-called cabled heavy rib velvet fabric which has fewer than 200 stripes per m².

The main feature that appealed to us about this overshirt lies in its large blown pockets at chest level, measuring 16 cm x 22 cm, which add dynamism to a straight, classic cut and sleeves with buttoned cuffs.

Corduroy corduroy is a very sturdy FABRIC. The name of the word
corduroy dates back to 1774. Our velvet is made at Velcorex® a French company, which has been operating since 1828.
It takes its etymology from “cor du roy” in old French and of Egyptian origin to mean “futaine”.
Our overshirt is made with French fabric, then sent to Morocco to be made according to our very strict specifications.
Here are the measurements of our velvet overshirt
For an aspect “oversize”, opt for a larger size than usual.

Here we find the codes of the jacket with its metal buttons, originating from Turkey, and its symmetrical blown pockets at chest level. Its medium thickness and straight cut are also similar to those of a classic shirt.


The assembly is very sturdy, made with a chain stitch offset arm machine. The armhole is topstitched with double needles using a class 301 lockstitch, clean from the inside as well as the outside. Our branded metal button and its rivet are matte platinum in color. We chose metal buttons to avoid repetitive unbuttoning surprises, we wanted to offer a solid product that will last as long as possible.

As we get closer to cooler periods, we will also like to wear it closed like a thick shirt or even as a lining under a coat. It therefore wears multiple hats and its versatility gives it an undeniable interest, which reinvents itself every season.

Note that this magnificent overshirt has been washed to make the material vintage and pleasant to the touch. Thus, we offer you a product that is already washed and ready to be worn without moderation.

Its collar, for its part, can be worn open to match the style of a blazer jacket or straight to resemble the classic shirt collar or even that of a work jacket.

Likewise, it can, for example, be worn open and perfectly complement a jacket for mid-season.


These large pockets add character as well as a slight volume thanks to their blown cut with a buttoned flap.

Finally, beyond its versatile nature, it will also adapt to many styles. Indeed, it flirts as much with elegance, thanks to its straight structure as its precise cut, and the relaxed casual style, thanks to its large pockets and its corduroy.

1/2 Chest measurement (cm)

DVT length (cm)

Sleeve Length (cm)

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Corduroy utility overshirt
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Our objective

We founded Champ de Maneuvers in 2015 with a simple goal: to create high-end workwear and military-inspired clothing that improves over time.

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We founded Champ de Maneuvers in 2015 with a simple goal: to create high-end workwear and military-inspired clothing that improves over time.