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Men's Collared T-shirt Pack

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  • Pack of three vintage effect puncture-proof men's t-shirts 240 g/m² thick cotton jersey Blue / White / Green / Dustbag -- Military-style men's t-shirt A real acclaim from you, it's back!

  • 9 euros for delivery in France| Belgium in the amount of less than 200 euros.

    Free for orders over 200 euros.

  • Made in Portugal

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Here is our pack of 3 thick cotton t-shirts with a density of 240 g/m2. Trying it means adopting it... The CDM piece par excellence.

Vintage White T-shirt

A T-shirt Named Desire

Yesterday's underwear, today essential, from the French sailor or the Royal Navy, the US Army or even European workers, let's not fight about the origin. #Pacifica

White Collage T-shirt

The consensus is original Militaro Workwear. Our DNA from the beginning. Let us just recognize that it was the Americanizing “Way of Life” which popularized this working tool with icons like Steve McQueen, Marlon Brando or James Dean in “The Fury of Living”.

Colletage Men's T-shirt

Resists and Proves that it Exists

It is a 100% cotton rib 1×1 jersey with a density of 240 g/m² (We could have gone higher, but we would lose breathability). Offering thickness and opacity which will guarantee good longevity thanks to its resistance. Accompanied by an anti-pilling treatment, you can go for it, it's tough.

White Collage T-shirt

Nothing is simpler than a t-shirt, everyone offers their own.

Ours were designed like an M4 Sherman with the lightness of a pin-up. Our t-shirts have been designed to last, for this, we have used high-end material.

White Collage T-shirt

The King Of Cool

Well rounded collar with 2.5 cm collared finish. Ribbing rising on the weft forming a triple layer topstitched with cover stitch at small spacing (more spaced for the sleeves) via the double needle which will allow it to avoid loosening and stay in shape.

White Collage T-shirt

A sumptuous drape, this is what qualifies this beautiful t-shirt.

The cut is uniform, adjusted just right, slightly sharpened thanks to the curve of the design.

White Collage T-shirt

To this we add a shoulder blade yoke with flat seam to avoid any irritation, it contributes to the general support of the garment giving it look and presence.

In Field Dress

No matter your body type, if you take your usual size, it will always add a little “we don’t know what” to your outfit which will never give the impression of wearing a bag of parmentières.

White T-shirt Home Sweat Home

Home Sweat Home

Very comfortable and very versatile thanks to all the attention we have given and application of our specifications. They go with everything, your everyday allies, under a sweater or a work jacket , to chill in front of Netflix or even at home while teleworking .

A t-shirt should not last for a season, but should accompany you for a slice of life. In our house, no mussing, let’s not mix tea towels and towels…


Overcast four threads with chain stitch on all seams, to prevent them from twisting. Our t-shirts will hardly lose their shape, they are made circularly in Portugal in our own colors, which gives us a lovely tricolor pack ready to be put on!

You will receive clothes already washed, this is our method to obtain that vintage feeling that no photo will be able to convey to you.

Chafrave White / Denim Blue / Militaria Green / #CDM

All in our new reusable dustbag in 100% cotton specially designed for you.

1/2 breast (cm) DVT length (cm) Sleeve Length (cm) Size to choose
52 72 20 S
54 73 21 M
57 74 22 L
59 75 23 XL
62 76 24 XXL
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Men's Collared T-shirt Pack
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Our objective

We founded Champ de Maneuvers in 2015 with a simple goal: to create high-end workwear and military-inspired clothing that improves over time.

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We founded Champ de Maneuvers in 2015 with a simple goal: to create high-end workwear and military-inspired clothing that improves over time.