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Berto Selvedge Jeans 13oz

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  • It falls perfectly, cut à la spada da lato, you can only feel good in this very comfortable super selvedge.

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    Free for orders over 200 euros.

  • Made in Morocco

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Selvedge denim is our DNA; all our jeans are designed in this noble material. First of all, we are not going to go over the history of weaving, but remember that it is what is best for your selvedge jeans. In addition, it is important to note that these jeans have a very tight width of 78 cm, compared to 1.5 m for normal denim.

The Beautiful, The Raw

Firstly, at CDM we have been offering premium denim from the beginning and forever, rope dying. Then, our beautiful selvedges are thick, durable and age with you through long-lasting skating. They will mark according to your movements and your body shape, making each of our jeans unique. Additionally, it is essential to note that selvedge jeans offer unparalleled quality and style.

selvedge denim factory in Italy, fabric control in production

Secondly, from the first days, it is important to note that the jeans should close not effortlessly to relax with repeated wearing. Therefore, avoid the washing machine as much as possible, your raw jeans will be better off. This is because this will preserve its authentic color and texture, thereby extending its lifespan.

It falls perfectly, cut to the spada da lato, you can only feel good in this super comfortable selvedge. With its 2%. made of elastane, these Berto selvedge jeans will follow your every step for a long time. We achieved this result by only working with the best weavers in the world. In addition, the elastane blend guarantees great flexibility and a comfortable feeling all day long.

raw jeans flat view

& The Seyant

In this paragraph we are going to talk about the construction of these jeans. First of all, with a semi-slim cut and an opening of 18 cm for a size 32, at the thigh level, we opted for a comfortable measurement of 32 cm for a half turn, with a large crotch for optimal ease .

Next, our jeans have been carefully designed to be as universal as possible, with a modern, slightly fitted touch. So it will look great on you.

In addition, our selvedge jeans not only provide perfect support for your buttocks, but they also offer you great freedom of movement. In addition, it hugs your legs up to the ankles without ever suffocating them. In short, these jeans combine comfort and aesthetics for an optimal wearing experience.

chain hem 43200g

Stretch selvedge denim

Introducing our most versatile selvedge denim. The pants that every man must own. Robust and elegant in its stretch selvedge canvas from Berto. In addition, with its 2% elastane, these jeans offer incomparable freedom of movement, while preserving their original structure. Its stretch fabric adds an extra touch of comfort, ideal for everyday use. In addition, its beautiful texture features a dark indigo color that fades over time, gradually revealing natural wear marks caused by movement.

berto fabric weaving machine

Artigiani Della Qualità

We have selected a 13 oz selvedge canvas, offering an optimal balance between flexibility and rigidity, suitable for all seasons. In addition, respect for the material is a primordial value for us, and we collaborate exclusively with enthusiasts who share this vision. At CDM, we attach particular importance to details, to guarantee you finished products of impeccable quality, which you will be proud to wear. For starters, all pockets are lined with our Italian chevron fabric, as is the crotch reinforcement. Furthermore, this special attention ensures that your selvedge jeans will not get holes, whether because of your keys or the saddle of your two-wheeler. Additionally, our jacron, made from cowhide leather, has been stabilized to prevent any discoloration on your belt. Likewise, we have widened the loop and one of them is in the colors of the selvedge edging.

protection between the legs of a crotch of our pants, signature of the field of maneuvers

Rivet Eyes On Selvedge Denim

Rivets are essential elements in the construction of jeans. In addition, they contribute to the maintenance and longevity of the product.

We have chosen to use brass for these aesthetic, precious and durable characteristics. Even the buttons were entitled to the same preferential treatment in order to maintain a certain homogeneity.

rivet selvedge jeans

A supreme finish to a selvedge jean is the chain stitch hem made with the unique Union Special 43200G. Everything is done with thread from Coats, of course. It is this level of attention to detail that makes us proud of the products we offer you.

double arm seam offset arm of 13 oz selvedge jeans

To optimize the care of your selvedge jeans, follow these recommended steps:

  • Avoid the washing machine to preserve the quality of the denim.

  • Close the jeans carefully at first, they will loosen over time.

  • Prefer hand washing or dry cleaning. If necessary, wash inside out to preserve color.

  • Hang it to dry to avoid unwanted wrinkles.

Here are the measurements of our Berto jeans:

1/2 Waist measurement (cm)

1/2 thigh circumference (cm)

1/2 Hem opening (cm)

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Berto Selvedge Jeans 13oz
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Our objective

We founded Champ de Maneuvers in 2015 with a simple goal: to create high-end workwear and military-inspired clothing that improves over time.

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We founded Champ de Maneuvers in 2015 with a simple goal: to create high-end workwear and military-inspired clothing that improves over time.