Protecting Your Digital Life

At Champ de Manœuvres, your privacy is our top priority. We understand the concerns related to internet browsing and data tracking, which is why we fully respect your choice to decline cookies due to a lack of trust or concerns about protecting your information on other platforms.

Please note that the cookies we use are anonymous and entirely harmless, aiming solely to enhance your experience on our site without compromising your privacy.

To further enhance your online security, we recommend exploring solutions such as using privacy-focused search engines like DuckDuckGo and installing plugins like AdNauseam or TrackMeNot to counter trackers. We also understand your concerns regarding the reliability of VPNs, and we encourage everyone to choose identity protection solutions that suit their specific needs.

In compliance with the law, we display this message about cookies, but we want to emphasize that we do not retain your personal information. We believe in an online experience without constraints, where you can discover and purchase our products with confidence, without fear of intrusive advertisements.

Our commitment to your privacy is unwavering, and we continuously work to provide you with a secure and transparent experience on our platform.

To ensure transparency, here is a list of trackers currently present on our site that are beyond our control:

Instagram (Facebook): Used to tag products on our Instagram page and create direct purchase links. Two from Shopify: One is used for logging into the admin section (backoffice), and the other tracks online visitors in real-time. Two from PayPal: Used to enable dynamic payment and allow payments without opening an account. Bugsnag: Used to analyze display errors and all bugs related to our site's code. For more information, you can visit Bugsnag's website (used by Shopify): We believe in a transparent digital experience that respects your privacy. Thank you for trusting our commitment to the security of your digital life.

The Champ de Manœuvres Team.