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Aviator Bomber Jacket

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  • Our P47 Aviator Jacket is made from 100% vegetable-tanned cowhide leather, ensuring exceptional quality and durability. Its 100% wool ribbing, made in France, adds a touch of comfort and authenticity. Featuring a metallic zip patinated in Toulouse and made in Italy, this jacket embodies authenticity and the artisanal spirit down to the smallest details.

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  • Made in Morocco, finished in France

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Flight Jacket Aviator

This leather jacket does not go unnoticed. Made with thick, vegetable-tanned brown cowhide leather, this bomber jacket promises durability and style that only gets better with time.

Every detail, from the sturdy 8 mesh zip with an aged brass patina, handmade in France, to the removable collar in ultra-soft lambswool, exudes authenticity.

In addition to its neat vintage aesthetic, this jacket is a true work of handcrafted art. Made in Morocco, it incorporates premium materials such as French virgin wool for the cuffs and bottom of the jacket, and authentic deadstock collar buttons made in the USA.

Don't wait any longer to add this men's bomber jacket to your wardrobe!

Zoom on the collar of the bomber jacket, unbuttoned and decorated with Deadstock buttons made in the United States.

An American Style Straight Out of the Past

This men's aviator jacket features the authentic US cut, with an artisanal touch that makes all the difference. The sturdy Lampo® zip, with its aged brass color, adds to the character of the jacket.

Ultra-robust 8 mesh metal zip, ensuring the main closure of our bomber aviator jacket, sporting an aged brass shade.

And for those who love killer details, the collar buttons are real deadstock finds, made in the USA.

Without forgetting the removable collar in pure lambswool, for those days when the north wind blows a little too hard!

A bomber jacket that is comfortable and practical

The comfort of this men's bomber jacket is not to be outdone with the cuffs and bottom of the jacket in French virgin wool, knitted locally.

Open knit of our bomber jacket, made in France from 100% wool.

The cleverly placed pockets offer dual functionality, not forgetting the side pockets to keep your hands warm.

Details of the front pockets of the P47 bomber jacket: dual-function, they have flaps as well as side pockets.

The cut, designed to follow your movements, invites you to opt for your usual size for a perfect fit.

The illustration on the back of our bomber jacket highlights its modern and comfortable cut, offering an overview of the ideal fit to adopt.

Here are the measurements of our P47 cut aviator jacket:


1/2 breast (cm)

DVT length (cm)

Sleeve Length (cm)

Size to choose





















Our Use and Maintenance Tips

First, focus on the vegetable-tanned cowhide leather of this men's bomber jacket. To keep it in shape, avoid dousing it with water.

If it gets caught in a downpour, simply let it air dry, away from any direct heat source.

A little tip to keep it flexible? Use a natural leather milk from time to time, which will help it maintain its suppleness and develop a unique patina.

For the sturdy 8 mesh zipper, a little clear oil on the zipper from time to time will ensure a snag-free glide. As for authentic deadstock buttons, a wipe with a dry cloth will be enough to maintain their former shine.

To keep its removable lambswool collar soft and tender, dry clean it when the need arises. And do the same for the cuffs and bottom of the French virgin wool jacket!

In terms of use, this men's bomber jacket is made to live in. Wear it proudly and without moderation.

Its authentic US cut is designed to fit your usual size, giving you the comfort and style you deserve.

The pockets, practical and stylish, are there to hold your small everyday belongings, whether in town or during your more distant adventures!

Photographic composition featuring the bomber jacket in front of fighter planes, based on three archive images.

Finally, a Little Bit of History…

Born in the cockpit of war planes, the authentic bomber jacket has risen to the rank of fashion icon, without ever forgetting its adventurous origins.

Initially, it was the preserve of intrepid pilots, braving the bitter cold at high altitudes. But as is often the case, the uniform ended up seducing civilians, and ended up landing in the world of fashion!

From the cinema to the catwalks, including the streets of major cities, the P47 type aviator leather jacket has conquered all terrains. And knew how to reinvent himself! Patinated leather, suede touches, colorful lining or even futuristic details, each model tells its own story, while retaining that little adventurer je ne sais quoi.

When you try it, you may feel the weight of history on your shoulders, but also this incredible feeling of freedom, as if you could take off at any moment.

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Aviator Bomber Jacket
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We founded Champ de Maneuvers in 2015 with a simple goal: to create high-end workwear and military-inspired clothing that improves over time.

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We founded Champ de Maneuvers in 2015 with a simple goal: to create high-end workwear and military-inspired clothing that improves over time.