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Speckled Green Vintage Wool Beanie

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  • Our choice was to offer you the most pleasant tool to protect you from the cold. Designed in the

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  • Made in Scotland

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Opiner Du Bonnet

Here is our tool to protect the top of your skull and the tips of your ears from the winter cold. We have relaunched our famous Angora Wool Beanie and are taking the opportunity to offer new colors.

Indispensable when the first freshnesses point the tip of their noses in order to freeze ours. We have thought of it as a durable product that can accompany you as long as possible to become indispensable. Often a symbol of protest, the beanie is surely the oldest headgear, it has gone through the ages with always the same sympathy capital. Whether the temperatures are negative or milder, our beanie will warm you up in style. Its lambswool yarn accompanied by angora will give your noggin that cocooning parenthesis it demands when the air becomes chilly.

From the most formal to the most relaxed, outside or inside in a workshop, casual or urban, you are covered with coquetry. It is with this objective that we have designed this fan of the male wardrobe with our workwear spirit. It breathes and traps cool air to keep you warm thanks to its thermoregulatory properties. Its natural elasticity will allow it to adapt to all genders and morphologies (if the lady wants hers…)

This bubble of sweetness comes to us from the United Kingdom, more precisely from the northernmost country of the island of Great Britain. Renowned for centuries for its respect for the finest materials, Scotland produces magnificent woolen fabrics from local sheep. It was obvious for us to continue this production in the land of Albion. Woven on ancestral manual machines, here no waste of this sublime frame. Made in fully-fashioned, that is to say knitted in one piece, there is no cutting or waste.

Everything is done on site and you will only find this meticulousness with the most prestigious brands in the world. Firecracker orange is a real favorite, because it creates a real chromatic contrast with the militaria spirit, its deep dye will enhance any khaki outfit.

Tango red is the symbol of the revolt or the passion that drives us throughout history. Phrygian or Breton ask Mariane

# FreedomHeatingThePeople

Flat, we have 28 cm in height and 24 in width.

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Speckled Green Vintage Wool Beanie
  • Speckled forest green - €40,00

Our objective

We founded Champ de Maneuvers in 2015 with a simple goal: to create high-end workwear and military-inspired clothing that improves over time.

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We founded Champ de Maneuvers in 2015 with a simple goal: to create high-end workwear and military-inspired clothing that improves over time.