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Here is the list of products currently being manufactured and which will be available shortly.

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Button-down oxford shirt


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Japanese selvedge jeans


4+ Sizes(s)

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Chinos Slack hydron


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Our business model

We create our own fabrics, test each garment before going online. We reduce our margins as much as possible to allow accessibility to our products without compromising quality.

1 / Sourcing Model

We are inspired by archive images of armies and historical photos to inspire us and to offer you a current neo-vintage product.

2 / Technical Drawing

Every technical detail of the garment is explained using a technical sheet, which contains all the assembly sections and measurements.

3 / Material Creation

We create our own fabric, in collaboration with our weavers, several tests and handloom are carried out before each validation.

4 / Validation of armor

To move on to the next step, we do tests under D65 controlled light, we try to get as close as possible to period materials.

5 / Factory weaving

This step consists in industrializing the rendering of the handloom samples and standardizing the weave of each fabric. Chain weaving.

6 / creation of accessories

Develop each button, each zip, thread... to match the original model and the technical sheet of each item, we repeat this step for each creation.

7 / Endurance tests

After receiving the first prototype made with our fabric and accessories, we carry out tests to know the solidity, and test its lifespan before each launch.

8 / patronage and gradation

We move on to the next step, which consists of patterning and grading the model in different sizes, but also applying the % shrinkage for each fabric.

8 / Cutting order

This step consists of cutting several sizes at once, we cut into mattresses using a TipTop electric scissor; Or Lectra systeme® automatic cutter

9 / Production Order

This step consists of chain sewing, it is essential to properly prepare each assembly line according to the types of machines for each MANUFACTURING ORDER.

11 / Receipt of goods

Each production is received at our warehouse, and if the product is manufactured elsewhere than in our workshop, the product is restocked on our site with the option in stock + place of manufacture.

10 / Delivered to you

This is the most exciting step, it is the result of several months of preparation before the product finally reaches you; Now you know how it's done 😅