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sommes nous juste une marque de plus ?

Aujourd'hui fabriquer des vêtements de qualité en France est presque mission impossible.


Our workshop is on a human scale, we locally manufacture small series of work jackets, our selvege jeans and other items to meet the demand of our e-shop.


Each machine has its own story. We always favor vintage machines, repairing them so that they continue to function as on the first day.

the workshop

the workshop

We decided to launch our craft workshop in 2015 to manufacture our work jackets, selvedge jeans, as well as the reform of military clothing, to meet the needs of our merchant site as well as multi-brand shops. Since 2020 , our activity has become 100% digital

From one thing to another

From one thing to another

We use top quality assembly threads, made in France and Europe. We also do resistance tests after each treatment applied to the material, in order to see its endurance to tearing.



Our accessories are engraved with the brand name on the inside as well as the outside, this is to guarantee the authenticity of the garment you buy from us. Our buttons are fixed with ultra-rare 100% French machines, type Le prophete and A. raymond Grenoble

il se cache dans le détail

Nous boutons sont fixés avec des machines 100 % françaises ultra-rares, type Le prophète et A. raymond Grenoble

To make authentic, you need authentic machines.


Textile mending machine, called darning machine . It's an extremely rare machine, very few workshops have it, and it's a chance for us to have it in Toulouse, France. It is this magnificent machine that patches up surplus fabrics and torn military tents to reform them and therefore be able to offer you our famous Pacifica-Militaira range.


Offset arm machine in the 1930s, bought from a retired American military manufacturer, this machine is a mechanical gem. It has inspired companies like union special and juki which have reproduced the same chain hook mechanism. The rocking sound produced during assembly is simply unique. This machine originally made US military fatigues

arms outstretched


The union special 35700 is the most complex machine in our workshop, has three needles and a wheel that allows you to pull the material without weakening it. It is made to join jeans, canvas and chambray denim shirts.


It is a two-needle offset arm machine, small spacing, that we imported from CHICAGO USA, it is used to sew the sides of work jackets, shirts… Has a spacing of 4 mm which produces a double stitch seam of time.


The essential machines to assemble our jackets, this machine is a ( BEST ), designed in Italy, it is undoubtedly the best of its kind. Never change a winning team.

Want to talk machines with us?

We are always looking for old special machines, if you have one, we can also talk about bikes for hours and hours...

Or just meet a special reform request for your jeans?

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