How to maintain your jeans?

Comment entretenir un jeans selvedge brut ? - Champ de Manoeuvres

Method 1:

To remove odors from your raw selvedge jeans, you can freeze them overnight. This method is effective, but the smell may return after a few days of wear. For a longer lasting solution, we recommend using our anti-odor spray. This spray will neutralize odors from your jeans and keep them fresh for longer.

Method 2:

Opt for ventilation during the first three months; it is best to avoid washing the jeans in order to optimize their indigo color. If you are a purist and want to keep that hard cardboard effect, buy a starch spray, it is easy to find in your local hardware stores.

Method 3: (standard wash jeans turned inside out or not)

Wash it, soak it in lukewarm 30° or cold water, with a cap of the special Champ de Maneuvers product (or not). Or with a liquid detergent such as Woolite® or even sodium bicarbonate for 60 minutes in a bathtub: this neutralizes the odor, whether it is turned over or not it changes nothing.

Rinse then let dry, nothing could be simpler.

See the Heddels demonstration.

Why do my jeans smell after a few wears?

Know that it is not dirt that is responsible for the smell of your jeans, but rather the bacteria generated by your body. Indigo East a matter natural plant fiber , conducive to the development of bacteria on the surface of your denim .

An American study showed that recently washed jeans contain exactly the same bacteria as jeans worn for six months. It 's surprising , don't panic gentlemen , it is made precisely to be worn like this.

The 'denim heads' as they are called wear their jeans very dirty! They only wash rarely to preserve the original patina, a beautiful indigo on the warp threads and the ecru weft threads.

Raw, unwashed, or airy, with patina or without, the most important thing is that smelly jeans are not necessarily dirty jeans.


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