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Button-down oxford shirt


Composition: 100% cotton
Country of manufacture: Made in Morocco

Color: SKY

Sizes: S

button down

At first, Used by English polo players, the buttoned collar was used to keep it in place so as not to bother them.

It was a certain John E. Brooks who chose the button-down function during a visit to England.
He brought the idea to the United States and began production of the first button-down collar shirt in Oxford fabric. Technically made with a basket weave, with the doubling of the weft and warp threads, of the same "count" or with doubled warp threads and a smaller count and a larger and softer single weft thread. It is with this same process that we have woven ours, we have also increased the weight per m². It's solid 6.5 oz = 180 grms unlike the 5 oz = 141 g found on most oxford shirts on the market.

Ivy League Era

The assembly is very sturdy, the decorative seams reinforce the assembly. Here, the collar is topstitched 0.5 cm from the edge and reinforced with a sandwich-mounted water-soluble fusible link. The seams are very tight, six stitches of overstitching per cm, the manufacture is made in Morocco in a factory specializing in luxury brands. The original American model, down to the little details: the cuffs, the collar, the front throat, the thick oxford fabric.

This is the authentic button-down shirt from the Ivy League period, CDM version!

Mercerized Cotton Oxford

The mercerized cotton process was devised in 1844 by John Mercer who had the idea of ​​treating cotton fibers with caustic soda. The main improvement was to keep the textile stretched during the operation to prevent it from shrinking. This stretching phase could also be done while the ribbons were still wet. He also added a water rinsing step.

American Sizing

No matter your morphology if you take your usual size.

It will always bring a little "we don't know what" to your outfit, open or closed, inserted into your jeans or not. This authentic shirt is cut with American measurements, so go down a size to get it just right if ever.

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