Do not sell my personal information.

We would like to guarantee Champ de Maneuvers’ unwavering commitment to confidentiality. We do not disclose or sell your personal data. Our respectful approach ensures that your choices remain our top priority. At Champ de Manoeuvres, your privacy is sacred, and we are committed to protecting it rigorously.

In order to comply with the American market:

“The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) gives you rights regarding the processing of your personal data or information. Under this legislation, California residents can choose not to allow the “sale” of their personal information to third parties . As defined by the CCPA, "sale" refers to the collection of data for the purpose of creating advertisements and other communications. Learn more about the CCPA and your privacy rights.

How to refuse

By clicking on the link below, we will stop collecting or selling your personal information. This applies to both third parties and data we collect to personalize your experience on our website or through other communications. For more information, see our privacy policy."